News & Events Citicomers honor Vietnamese business day

Citicomers honor Vietnamese business day

On October 13, the national day honors Vietnamese entrepreneurs, an important force in the country's industrialization and modernization, and in Citicom too, Citicomers are very proud of Entrepreneurs. We have been doing our best for the common development of Citicom house, the songs "Good at water and housework" that many male and female fans admire. On this occasion, Citicomers organized a Talk show called "Citicom Entrepreneur - The Lurking Corner of Successful People". The program took place in a fun and unexpected atmosphere. Although entrepreneurs continually receive challenging, "dangerous" and "reckless" questions from the audience, they always keep a calm and calm attitude like the entrepreneurial spirit. Besides, with their wit, the entrepreneurs gave the Citicomers no less laughter.

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