News & Events Reunion Dancing night at age of 15

Reunion Dancing night at age of 15

In January 19, Citicom Joint Stock Company held a year-end party named "United Dancing night at age of 15" for more than 100 employees in the company. This is one of Citicom's most important annual events to recognize the contributions and contributions of the units / individuals to the overall success of the company in 2018 - the year of the journey of 15 years of construction. and develop Citicom. At this special party, employees are immersed in the world of music and light, to look at Citicom's ups and downs in the past year together, to burn out their goals together. next year. Citicom's vibrant dance moves, glamorous and glamorous dance moves, have been extremely unforgettable for participants. The employees actually had the opportunity to put aside the chaos of work to burn their hearts out during the last "Dance of the Year 15" party. Admire the panoramic view of the colorful "Dance of the Year 15" Party below: Before the show, the Citicomers and the guests together recorded very funny photos in the lobby area.

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