Our Project Hanoi - HaiPhong expressway

Hanoi - HaiPhong expressway

Hanoi-Haiphong Expressway is one of Vietnam's controlled-access highways, running for 105.5 km connecting Hanoi to Haiphong. It runs nearly parallel to National Route 5 and Hanoi–Haiphong railway. The expressway is a major freight corridor for Vietnam's Northern Pivotal Economic Region as well as the Kunming-Hanoi-Haiphong Economic Corridor

The 6-lane expressway was developed under build-operation-transfer contracts. The construction of the expressway was started on 2 February 2009 and finished on 5 December 2015.

The West end of the expressway is at the north of Thanh Trì Bridge in Hanoi and the East end at Dinh Vu Dike in Haiphong.

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